Oshkosh, WI

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Lifest is one of the nation’s largest Christian music festivals. Nearly 20,000 people attend this family-friendly 4-day event each summer, which takes place at Winnebago County Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


EnTech Solutions was contacted to provide resilient, renewable energy for charging stations on the festival grounds. Because of the location of the festival grounds, an off-grid solution was needed. Based on the positive results as well as unexpected additional power needs, the scope of this project was expanded to provide power for sound equipment at an event concert stage.


A major advantage of the EnTech Xcape microgrid is its scalability. When additional power was needed, we were able to quickly and efficiently increase the system to meet the event needs.


Item Details
Xcape Type Esc 1.0 
Technical summary  
Customer Load Sound reinforcement equipment and cell phone charging stations 
Design Output kW 2 inverters (13 kW) / 2 MPPT 
Design Storage kWh 52 kWh 
Design Solar PV Input 4 arrays (3x3x365W) 
Supplemental Power Generation  
Grid Connection Off Grid 
Generator Application Generator, supplemental