Charlie Fredrickson

Vice President of Asset Management

As vice president of asset management, Charlie is responsible for strategically developing, implementing and evaluating EnTech Solutions energy asset portfolio to align with organizational objectives. Charlie develops and monitors overall energy investment strategies, objectives, and policies, creating strategic relationships and ensuring EnTech Solutions leads the marketplace in microgrid solutions and technology.

Charlie joined the organization in 2010. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from the University of Wisconsin – Stout and was one of the early LEED Accredited Professionals. With FTI, Charlie led the development of the first microgrid in the Midwest and the first mobile microgrid. He was previously part owner of an integrated project development firm, and this experience provides a unique perspective on requirements for project development, project funding and team leadership.

Outside of work, Charlie enjoys spending time outdoors, biking, hiking with his family, running and sports cars.

Articles by Charlie

Reducing Your Carbon Intensity (CI) Fuel Score with Renewable Energy


Reducing Your Carbon Intensity (CI) Fuel Score with Renewable Energy

In the production of low carbon fuels such as renewable natural gas (RNG), clean energy microgrids bring an added dimension to helping you reduce your CI score. Learn how your facility can benefit.

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