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Sustainable Fuels


Turning Waste Into Renewable Energy

From project concept through commissioning, we transform waste to clean, renewable natural gas. Partnering with farmers and community members, our team of renewable natural gas experts have proven experience in anaerobic digestion and modular gas processing solutions to help drive value throughout the project lifecycle.


The Waste-to-Renewable-Energy Process

Biogas can be produced from a variety of organic waste, including food, agriculture, and industrial waste. Biogas can be transformed to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) which has many end uses including transportation fuel.


Supporting Your Business

Agricultural Impact

Farmers experience a positive impact on their operations.

Meeting RNG Demands

End users keep their operations running with a steady RNG supply to meet their renewable fuel requirements.

Community Benefits

Local communities benefit from economic growth.


Renewable Natural Gas

Carbon Reduction

RNG is a critical component to a clean-energy future as an effective alternative to fossil fuel natural gas. Our process is carbon negative (~-300 Carbon Intensity [CI] score) and we also have the ability to integrate renewable energy microgrid technology.

Carbon Neutral Fuel

When used in vehicles, natural gas emits 6% to 11% lower levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) than does gasoline throughout the fuel life cycle.* In addition, studies show significantly less GHG emissions from RNG compared to conventional fossil fuel natural gas.* Research shows that when all climate benefits are considered together, RNG from dairy manure can reduce GHG emissions up to 400% when it is used to replace traditional vehicle fuels.**

Good for the Environment

Capturing methane and processing it to make RNG significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and decreases reliance on fossil fuels. RNG can help companies reach net-zero and sustainable energy goals. When utilized in the agriculture industry, biogas to RNG projects can help with manure management practices and reduce ground water pollutants in local watersheds.

Improve Sustainability and Profitability with Distributed Energy Integration

Incorporating Clean Energy Into Your Digester

Great progress has been made to reduce the carbon footprint in the agriculture sector. Incorporating clean energy sources such as solar panels and battery energy storage can improve fuel CI scores while further supporting environmental goals. In many cases, microgrids can produce a surplus of energy that can be sold back to the grid, providing an additional income stream.


Middleton Digester

EnTech Solutions formed a joint venture with Northern Biogas LLC, committed to providing a sustainable energy future utilizing local agriculture. EnTech Solutions added to its clean energy solutions portfolio with the acquisition of this active biogas facility in the Town of Springfield, Dane County, Wisconsin. Utilizing anaerobic digestion, the facility turns organic waste from local dairy farms into renewable energy. The facility benefits the regional ecosystem by utilizing advanced filtration technology to remove phosphorus from the watershed.

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