Who We Are

Our Team

Renewable Energy Experts

Highly experienced and passionate about what we do, our team is on the leading edge of clean energy solutions. We continually develop our products, services and expertise to create positive change and leverage our resources in smarter ways. We utilize Internet of Energy (IoE) control platforms to ensure intelligent, comprehensive and resilient electricity is delivered from an infrastructure that prioritizes the use of all available resources.

Our Mission

To provide resilient, innovative, clean energy solutions from concept to reality to bring additional value to our clients’ business.

Our Difference

What Sets Us Apart


We look to diverge from the traditional idea of energy to achieve energy independence and resiliency – for you, the environment and the generations to come.


Let us leverage our dynamic, one-of-a-kind technology to enable you to achieve peak energy performance and expand as your needs grow.


With decades of experience in engineering, onsite integration and manufacturing, our team is comprised of well-versed professionals who simultaneously implement advanced technologies to exceed your needs.


Our highly trained experts analyze the situation, compute a solution and seamlessly integrate it to provide you with efficiency in the most sustainable way possible.

Risk Reduction

We recognize that your vision is unique, and that’s why we accompany you with full service from its inception. From design and assembly to installation and integration, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.

Company History

Making Clean Energy Smarter

EnTech Solutions, a division of Faith Technologies Incorporated (FTI), was created out of a vision to bring energy distribution into the future. Formed in 2019, we take energy solutions to the next level and elevate the use of clean energy resources.

At EnTech Solutions, it’s not just about putting up a microgrid. We’re here to support you by providing new, renewable, resilient energy solutions that enable you to control your energy costs and control your own destiny.

Now, we’re working even harder toward industry-disrupting energy solutions, breaking out our offerings and continuously optimizing our systems.

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