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Distributed Energy Acronyms

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The distributed energy, or microgrid, space can be complex when you first start to immerse yourself in it. Similar to other technology industries, half the battle can be understanding the different acronyms that are used. For those who are Googling distribute energy acronyms left and right, this cheat sheet is for you!

EnTech Solutions is here to make distributed energy stress free. We’re proud to not only support our customers’ clean energy goals, but to educate you throughout the process to ensure you understand your options. We consider ourselves an energy partner, helping you make smart decisions that will set you up for energy excellence not only today, but as your energy needs evolve in the future.

Here are some of the key acronyms you may see in the energy space — what terms would you add?

  • AC: Alternating Current
  • BESS: Battery Energy Storage System
  • CHP: Combined Heat and Power
  • CI: Carbon Intensity
  • C&I: Commercial and Industrial
  • DC: Direct Current
  • DCFC: Direct Current Fast Charging
  • DERs: Distributed Energy Resources
  • DERMS: Distributed Energy Resources Management System
  • DG: Distributed Generation
  • EAAS: Energy-as-a-Service
  • EE: Energy Efficiency
  • ECC: Energy Control Center
  • EV: Electric Vehicle
  • GHG: Greenhouse Gases
  • ITC: Investment Tax Credit
  • kW: Kilowatt
  • kWh: Kilowatt Hour
  • MW: Megawatt
  • MWh: Megawatt Hour
  • O&M: Operation and Maintenance
  • PEV: Plug-In Electric Vehicle
  • PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • PUC: Public Utility Commission
  • PV: Photovoltaic
  • RE: Renewable Energy
  • REC: Renewable Energy Credit

Don’t be intimidated by energy acronyms, but rather bookmark this blog as a reference to help you navigate through this space. We’re here to support your clean energy goals so you can better position your business to succeed.

Contact us today to get started on your distributed energy journey.