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eMobility Charging Conceptual Design: Getting Started

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The hesitation to electrify a vehicle fleet often comes from fear of the unknown. Many businesses feel overwhelmed trying to figure out everything they need to know about the process from start to finish.

One of the most common questions we hear is, “Where do I even start?”

At EnTech Solutions, we start with a conceptual design that includes:

  • Gathering basic information about your situation and goals
  • Visiting your site for an eMobility charging assessment
  • Presenting ideas and recommendations
  • Providing an initial project design, including estimates for budget and schedule

Of course, if your business chooses to move forward with the project based on the eMobility charging assessment and conceptual design, we finalize your design to 100% and provide a full solution approach that includes engineering, sourcing, construction, installation, potential for operation and maintenance, and system optimization.

The experts at EnTech Solutions will thoughtfully explain the process and guide you through the entire journey.

EV Charging Assessment

The first phase of any project is research. During our initial contact call, we ask the types of questions that begin to frame the scope of your project. It’s okay if you aren’t sure what you want yet. This comprehensive conversation helps us understand the full spectrum of considerations and enables us to guide you with recommendations for your needs based on goals, budget, space and timeline.

While we can gather a lot of information during that initial contact call, the critical next step is to visit your project site personally and evaluate a wide range of data, including:

  • Site layout and space constraints/strengths
  • Electrical availability and accessibility
  • Potential options for incorporating a renewable energy microgrid
  • 12 months of electricity use
  • 15-minute interval data

We use this data to create a conceptual design so you can make an informed decision about any potential project.

Review & Recommendations

After the on-site assessment, our conceptual design team meets with you and any of your project managers or decision makers to explain our recommendations and answer any questions.

There may be more than one option for configuring the infrastructure to support your EV fleet. We may be able to recommend a phased approach to optimize real-life results as you build your eMobility commitment. And there may be opportunities to save money down the road through a design that anticipates future growth.

The team from EnTech Solutions will consist of a project manager who serves as your communication point person, along with an electrical engineer, an electrician, and any other experts required for your unique situation.

You get to meet the people who will participate in the various aspects of your plan and freely express any questions, concerns or hesitations in order to get accurate, knowledgeable feedback.

Tentative Design, Budget, Schedule

Once we have agreed on a tentative plan, our team of engineering and design experts creates a 30% design package that includes:

  • A preliminary site layout/blueprint
  • A rough cost estimate based on initial assumptions from your design that gives you budget information within +/- 30%
  • An estimated project schedule and timeline
  • Information on financing options and details regarding government grants and incentives that you could benefit from

The steps we have taken so far simply provide you with the knowledge you need to understand how electrifying your fleet will impact your budget and operations; there is no obligation to move forward at this point.

Yea or Nay

At this stage, you should have enough information to make a choice about adding electric vehicles (EV) and/or the charging infrastructure required for successful integration.

If you are seriously considering incorporating EVs into your fleet, we strongly encourage you to request a site assessment and initiate the conceptual design process.

With more than 500 EV infrastructure projects on our résumé, we have the experience and expertise to provide a non-biased, third-party plan to proceed without the pressure of selling a particular brand or product. We recommend what will work best for you and the success of your business.

While this new technology may feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be intimidating.

If you have questions about how to get started with eMobility charging, contact us via our website, by phone at 920-225-6737 or email