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Energy DNA: The Benefits of Energy Modeling Software

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At EnTech Solutions, finding an energy modeling software that matched everything we wanted for our clients was impossible — so we built our own. Our Energy DNA™ (Dynamic Needs Analysis) software can evaluate our clients’ energy loads to assess the feasibility of distributed energy resources including microgrids, solar, wind, battery storage, generators, microturbines, EV charging and more. We can quickly run multiple iterations to find the best technical and financial option for each project.

How do we do this?

The first step to solving any power issue is to gather data on what is currently happening. We start with the energy data for the previous 12-24 months. Once we enter this data into our Energy DNA tool, we can start to recognize patterns and opportunities for our products to provide the highest value. This can include:

  • Demand reduction
  • Offsetting energy with clean alternatives like solar or wind
  • What impact EV charging may have
  • What going off the grid may look like
  • A combination of any or all of the above

We then are able to rapidly iterate these solutions using our software to find the best solution that’s both technically and financially possible. The result is a user-friendly, graphical representation of your new energy system and how it will impact your bottom line.

What about after the project?

The benefits of Energy DNA continue long after you install one of our solutions. We now have a virtual model of your system and can provide important continued benefits.

  • We use a closed feedback loop to continuously optimize the system as we gather more and more data on how you are using energy. This ensures that you are getting the best value out of your system.
  • Your virtual model allows us to determine how future additions or modifications will impact your energy system or microgrid prior to physically installing anything. This can range from adding a second microgrid to your system, powering additional facilities or seeing how a new building might affect the shading on the solar panels.

Energy DNA helps take the guesswork out of complex systems and enables us to continue to optimize your system after installation. This means less engineering costs and more sustainable, resilient energy for your business.

For more information about the benefits of Energy DNA or our complete energy solutions, reach out to me or another member of the EnTech Solutions team. We would be happy to help you develop and install the energy system that meets your needs today and into the future.