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Microgrid Implementation: Steps for Success

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Microgrids – distributed energy systems that include power generation and storage assets – are increasingly being implemented to achieve one or more energy goals: reducing costs, increasing resilience or providing sustainable energy. Regardless of the size of microgrid you are considering, there are six fundamental steps to a microgrid application. As a full-solution energy provider, EnTech Solutions can partner with you to handle each step to meet your energy needs.

EnTech Solutions Steps for Sustainable Success

Assess: Understanding your current energy situation and goals

  • Current electrical usage (kWh) and power capacity (kW) are compared. Utility bills and metering data are analyzed to understand cost, to size the system and determine applicability of distributed energy.
  • Renewables are evaluated to determine overall feasibility, how much is needed, where the generation assets such as wind or solar could be located and if/how the system will integrate with the utility.
  • Energy analysis and cost modeling are performed to balance energy consumption, renewable production and battery energy storage requirements. In most locations, solar production is a bell curve from January through December, resulting in variable production that is frequently out of sync with seasonal consumption. In a microgrid independent of the utility, system component sizing is crucial with little margin for error.

Engineer: Design and plan the detailed technical solution that meets the goals

  • Detailed engineering will include sizing the system appropriately based upon your energy goals and the assessment findings. Utility interconnection, microgrid size and footprint, solar panel quantity and footprint, and overall location are some of the key considerations that are engineered.
  • Project schedule is developed to consider long lead equipment, manufacturing and assembly of controls and subassemblies, utility interconnection and installation.
  • Final project budget is developed to include all the above, to support funding decisions prior to implementation.

Source: Acquire the hardware and software to implement the solution

  • As part of EnTech Solutions’ end-to-end capability, microgrid controls are manufactured and assembled in our facilities by our sister organization, Excellerate. Systems are of a modular design, providing repeatable building blocks to speed fabrication and assembly.
  • Since a number of major components are used in our microgrids, partnerships with key suppliers are crucial and provide mitigation of many current supply chain challenges.

Install: Temporarily or permanently place the components and commission the system

  • Our EnTech team manages the project installation from site prep to utility coordination to commissioning and beyond.
  • Considerations are made to provide the least site disruption possible.

Operate: Some important considerations

  • Preventive maintenance and remote monitoring by trained experts are recommended to ensure peak performance.
  • EnTech Solutions offers flexible ownership and operational solutions. Systems can be direct purchased, leased, or energy provided as a service (EaaS). In all cases, service agreements can provide continuous maintenance and assessment of these assets and give you peace of mind.

Optimize: Use real time and trend data obtained from the system(s) to recommend and implement ongoing improvements

  • Energy requirements can change over time. New loads like EV chargers or building expansions can impact the overall performance of the system.
  • Ongoing services to optimize the system and assess changing needs, using operating data in both real time and through trends and reports, can ensure objectives continue to be met over the life of the system.

It may sound confusing, but EnTech Solutions will partner with you to handle each step. Contact us today to talk through your energy goals and needs.