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Rapidly Deployable Microgrids

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What do these situations have in common?
• a wildfire in California
• a winter storm in Texas
• a tornado in Wisconsin
• a pipeline outage affecting fuel availability on the east coast

Unfortunately, this isn’t the opening to a joke with a great punchline. All of these disasters recently created significant energy challenges with far-reaching effects. One of the biggest challenges for energy grids across the country is building resiliency into the system. How can you quickly prepare for inevitable power outages? One answer is rapidly deployable microgrids.

A Better Backup Power Plan

The traditional approach to providing backup power during outages has been a conventional generator. However, generators come with their own challenges, including significantly higher emissions than other, more sustainable options, noise that isn’t appropriate or acceptable in certain circumstances, high long-term operating costs and susceptibility to disruptions in the fuel supply chain during a disaster.

Similarly, the traditional approach to building a microgrid, and the reason they’ve had limited success in the past, was to assemble pieces from multiple vendors. You’d get solar panels from one manufacturer and a battery storage system from another before tapping a specialist in controls to make sure they work well together. Yet another company did the installation, and then someone else provided ongoing maintenance to the system. It was complicated, to say the least. In truth, you had to really want it to employ a microgrid that way.

As distributed energy experts, EnTech Solutions has developed end-to-end microgrid solutions that starts with your specific energy and back-up needs. We can model different design options using our Energy DNA™ (Dynamic Needs Analysis) tool and work all the way through long-term operating and maintenance. Because we handle every piece of the puzzle, we can do it much faster than what was possible before, saving you time, money and stress while providing a more resilient, sustainable and scalable energy solution.

Ensure scalability. Not sure how your energy requirements might change in the future? Our systems are adaptable and scalable, enabling add-ons down the road as needed. This gives you immediate value as well as adaptability for future needs.
Save time. With the traditional approach, developing a microgrid from scratch typically takes 6-18 months. We can commission a project in as little as two weeks with our Xcape™ microgrid, or in 14-16 weeks with our DCentrIQ™ solution.
Save money. Thanks to our modular yet highly adaptable components, our microgrids are more affordable. Any time we can standardize a portion of the process, we remove some expense.
Reduce stress. By providing a single-source solution for the entire project, you can trust that everything is handled. Every piece of the process has been accounted for, planned out and scheduled appropriately. You have one contact and one budget.
Gain resilience. By using multiple distributed energy resources (DERs), the microgrid is less susceptible to problems like fuel shortages or distribution problems. The local accessibility also reduces energy loss and efficiency problems.
Ensure sustainability. Renewables enable you to get closer to your carbon reduction, net-zero or carbon-free goals.

Rapidly deployable microgrids may sound too good to be true; however, innovative engineering and smart standardization of simpler pieces of the puzzle make it all possible, including:

Energy DNA: Our proprietary modeling software enables us to enter data specific to your site, configure a sample system and perform simulation testing. The results enable us to find the best solution within days instead of months.
Xcape: This unique product line has defined components that couple solar panels with a battery system. Each system is packaged together for a simple solution under a tight timeline, optimizing power usage and storage by determining which source to use and when to use it.
DCentrIQ: A more robust distributed energy solution, DCentrIQ uses preconfigured, modular components that are designed to work together in a customized fashion. These systems utilize distributed energy resources (DERs), energy storage and the utility grid to create sustainable, resilient and economical energy.

We know you need an answer that not only solves your energy issues, but also provides an option to scale up as your energy demands continue to grow, that can be deployed with minimum impact on your operations, that can be completed within a reasonable timeframe and that makes sense financially. Don’t know where to start? Connect with our energy experts to take control of your energy future and prepare for the unexpected.