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Skidded EV Charging Provides Rapid Power Solution

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e-skid, skidded EV charging

Planning for electric vehicle (EV) charging can be a stressful process to navigate when you’re looking to add EVs to your fleet. There are many variables to consider, and fleet operators may find it disrupting their daily responsibilities.

Working with a trusted energy provider can help the process, and having awareness of the variety of charging products available is another layer to consider. With utility timelines across the nation taking anywhere from a few months to a few years to install new electrical distribution, it can be extremely difficult to plan your electrification. Many EV fleet customers are wondering if there are solutions they can implement in the meantime to charge their vehicles while waiting for a new utility service. They ask, is there a temporary solution to help us today while we wait?

Developing Skidded EV Charging

At EnTech Solutions, we heard this problem many times, which prompted us to develop a solution to help our customers meet their EV charging needs quickly. We worked closely with many partners in the market to understand their EV charging needs, along with their struggles with on-site installations. Based on these conversations, we developed a skidded EV charging solution to help mitigate some of the pain caused by long utility lead times.

Skidded charging solutions are designed to provide more rapid, seamless installations for customers that are looking for behind-the-fence charging. The e-skid is a flexible implementation for EV charging that provides a semi-permanent solution design for temporary installation. It was developed to incorporate configurable plates to accommodate multiple chargers, with orientation for both indoor and outdoor applications. The system can be deployed on site quickly, as much of the site preparation is eliminated. Chargers are installed on metal skids with 200A 480V electrical panels, allowing for above ground installations. There is no need for trenching conduit underground and pouring concrete for the installation. Preconfiguring the wiring at the manufacturing facility prior to skid arrival on site enables rapid deployment and eliminates multiple hours of on-site labor. The off-site manufacturing process also creates a safer installation, as the majority of the work is done in a controlled environment. This also allows the installation crews to work more efficiently.

A Mobile Charging Solution

Another major benefit of these semi-permanent skidded solutions is the ability to take your EV charging assets with you if you move or upgrade your facility. The electrical connection can be safely unhooked from the e-skid, with the unit prepared and moved to the new location.

If you’re considering electrification of your vehicle fleet or have taken the first steps and are feeling the struggle of EV charging considerations, contact EnTech Solutions to learn more about our skidded EV charging solutions.