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The Importance of Energy Asset Optimization

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A number of factors are driving change in the way that businesses manage their energy. These changes are giving energy users more and more ways to control their energy use and operating expense budgets. While O&M – operate and maintain – is a common term across the asset management industry, the word optimize is not always considered. Energy asset optimization is a crucial step to maximizing the value of an energy asset.

At EnTech Solutions, optimization begins with monitoring the performance of an asset after it is installed. Using the data collected, our energy experts look at the modeled production vs. the actual production taking place, comparing the information to key performance indicators (KPIs) that have been established with the customer prior to installation.

Those KPIs are often tied to:

  • Carbon-neutral initiatives
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals
  • Revenue streams such as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)


By tying in the data collected through our analytics platform, we provide a solution that supports our customers’ energy and financial goals, enabling short-term planning for total cost of ownership for existing assets and long-term planning for future energy needs. Having FTI’s ICIAN specialists monitor the production data, we help our customers operate, maintain and optimize their distributed energy assets as efficiently as possible. This enables organizations to prioritize work based on the most important factors, aligned with their KPIs.

This closed-loop energy asset optimization process is part of FTI’s end-to-end solutions. It enables us to apply best practices to all of our service offerings, providing the most effective and efficient use of assets today and in the future. Contact us today and let us help your organization reach its energy goals.