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The Multiple Positive Impacts of Solar Energy

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At EnTech Solutions, we can provide numerous solutions to meet a client’s energy needs, and many of these solutions incorporate solar energy. Implementation of solar energy has exploded in the last couple of years and is on a trajectory for even more growth, as most companies and utilities have committed to aggressive sustainability goals which will continue the growth of renewable energy. We have already seen many of our commercial and industrial clients indicate a strong interest in renewable energy.

In the past year, we’ve seen energy prices increase 10% or more with many utilities. These increases will likely continue, in part due to large investments being made by utilities to support increased demand and growing electric vehicle adoption. Solar energy can give you control over these escalating energy costs, something that in the past was just a “cost of doing business.” Since solar projects have a predetermined capital cost, whether it’s a purchase, loan or lease, the energy that is offset by the solar energy is now at a fixed price for the life of the system. This essentially locks in your energy prices at today’s rates. With solar panel warranties reaching up to 30 years, this can have a huge impact on your energy bill for years to come.

In addition to energy savings, tax incentives and depreciation options for renewables can offset a significant portion of upfront costs. This offset, along with rapidly dropping installation prices and the rising costs of energy, makes today a “goldilocks era” for solar energy – just right for making the investment now. With EnTech’s ability to provide end-to-end support on these projects, from financing to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) to the continued operation and maintenance (O&M), the value provided is unmatched.

Solar energy is also a great visual representation of a company’s commitment to sustainability. Solar panels are typically highly visible and can provide marketing or PR value, especially via drone or overhead images or videos of your facility. Solar energy systems also often include monitoring platforms, such as the EnTech Energy Center™, that provide customers with feedback on their energy production and also make great dashboards to show on websites and in lobbies.

When looking at your energy journey, solar is a great place to start and is typically a jumping off point for other distributed energy technologies such as microgrids and other energy solutions. Contact EnTech Solutions today to learn more about solar energy options and how we can help you meet your clean energy goals.