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Energy DNAtm
Modeling Tool


Take the Guesswork Out of Your Energy Project

With both current-state analysis and predictive capabilities, Energy DNA helps you take control of your energy future and unlocks the possibilities of distributed energy.



Simplified Visibility Into Your Energy Future

  • Accelerates a complex process into simple visual outputs
  • Provides a financial assessment of your energy project, demonstrating utility costs, energy savings and project economics in a transparent way
  • Interacts with any energy source and equipment
  • Aids in scenario planning, discarding less feasible solutions and refining the best options
  • Right-sizes your system for immediate results based on operational data
  • Bridges the gap between technical feasibility and financial results
  • Delivers a simplified explanation of your total cost of ownership (TCO) including energy usage
  • Enables EV fleet managers to decide where and when to electrify based on criteria such as utility rates, resulting in better business decisions
  • Determines feasibility and methods for achieving sustainability goals, such as net zero targets


Innovative Energy Planning Tool

Our Energy DNA software models your electrical load to assess the feasibility of distributed energy resources including microgrids, solar, battery storage, EV charging and more.

For energy project planning, our tool will quickly run iterations of solar, storage, EV charging, grid‑tied and backup scenarios.