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A Resilient Microgrid Solution

Our innovative microgrid technology answers your power needs by determining the optimum energy source for your application. Backed by EnTech Solutions energy experts, Xcape is the smart choice to deliver secure power for uninterrupted operations.

How it Works

Maximize Renewable Energy

Xcape operates on power generated from solar panels, storing excess energy in the battery system to optimize renewable energy utilization. When solar power is unavailable due to cloud cover or at night, Xcape uses power from the battery system or the grid, providing resilient power.

an end user can use xcape solar technology to have solar power and store excess energy in batteries or use utility grid power chart explaining how xcape uses solar power, a generator battery system, or a utility grid

Why Xcape?

A Smart Choice

On-Demand Access

Remote, real-time digital access to energy production and consumption stats.


System intelligence maximizes the use of renewable, clean energy.


Secure power supply for uninterrupted operations.


Determines energy source based on your needs.


Scalable to meet evolving energy needs.

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