Dan Nordloh

Senior Vice President, General Manager

As the senior vice president and general manager of EnTech Solutions, Dan is responsible for providing strategic direction and leading the organization’s distributed energy services This entails strategy development to deliver integrated distributed energy products and systems to EnTech’s partners and customers using standard building block energy product offerings and leveraging Internet of Energy (IoE) platforms.

Dan has been with EnTech solutions since 2019. He previously spent nearly 10 years with EnSync Energy Systems, while serving on boards with Holu Energy and Standard Imaging, Inc. He holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and received his undergraduate degree from Eastern Kentucky University.

Articles by Dan

06.30.2021 | Distributed Energy Resources/Microgrids

Storing Solar Energy

For years, the big question regarding solar was always, “what happens at night or on a cloudy day?” In truth, that used to be a legitimate concern. In recent years, however, that question has been successfully answered by combining solar energy with new technologies for battery storage.

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