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Leading Energy Transition With Innovative Projects

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Our world today is increasingly conscious of how we source and use energy. At the same time, grid reliability, energy costs and sustainability are critical factors for continued energy independence. These factors combined demonstrate that the need for innovative and sustainable solutions has never been greater. EnTech Solutions stands at the forefront of this evolution, demonstrating a commitment to envisioning, developing and executing a portfolio of commercial and proof-of-concept projects. Below is a look at some of these initiatives that showcase how EnTech Solutions’ products, technologies and capabilities deliver end-to-end expertise, from concept through ongoing operations, maintenance and optimization.

Middleton Digester – Decarbonization, Converting Farm Waste into Renewable Natural Gas

EnTech Solutions acquired an active biogas facility in southeast Wisconsin. To improve the facility’s sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint, we integrated a distributed energy solution to produce clean energy power for the site. EnTech Solutions’ DCentrIQ™ microgrid platform, which includes batteries and inverters, is paired with solar panels, producing more than 2.8 MW of clean energy annually – the equivalent of powering more than 400 homes. The distributed energy system is monitored remotely through the EnTech Energy Center™, which provides instantaneous performance information. By producing renewable energy at the facility, via microgrid technology, the RNG’s carbon intensity (CI) score improves.

Overall, the facility reduces emissions by more than 50,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. This reduction is comparable to removing emissions of nearly 130 million miles driven by passenger vehicles.

Western Plains Energy (WPE) – Decarbonization, Wind Power Offers Path to Carbon-Neutral Fuel

Western Plains Energy (WPE) produces high-octane fuel from grain products, and currently produces approximately 50 million gallons of denatured ethanol annually. EnTech Solutions incorporated a 2.7 MW wind turbine to power the plant. This is the first in a series of projects WPE has identified to decarbonize, with an ultimate goal of producing carbon-neutral fuel. WPE’s goal is to offset 50 percent of the plant’s total electrical load over the course of a year.

Lakeside Vision Center – Off-Grid, Clean EV Charging and Sustainable Operations

EnTech Solutions recognizes that grid reliability can be challenging, and that the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources like solar and wind need to be addressed in off-grid operations. To address this challenge, we have invested in distributed energy comprised of solar, energy storage and generators, to support this off-grid mixed use facility and electric vehicle (EV) charging depot. By deploying advanced battery technologies, EnTech ensures the efficient capture and storage of excess energy during peak production periods. This stored energy can then be released during periods of high demand or when renewable sources are less productive, ensuring power for building loads and the energy demands of EV charging infrastructure comprised of numerous DC fast chargers and Level II chargers. In this completely off-grid setting, EnTech’s comprehensive capabilities are showcased in managing the entire energy lifecycle, including the design of energy efficient building infrastructure.

A microgrid powered EV charging depot was also deployed at the Lakeside Vision Center. Energy is provided via centralized solar generation (678 kW) and energy storage assets that provide for numerous loads throughout the property. This clean-energy EV charging system demonstrates the flexibility of the EV charging depot approach to meet the rapidly growing need for EV charging infrastructure.

FTI Facilities – Clean Electric Vehicle Charging

EnTech Solutions deployed multiple clean EV charging stations at our Excellerate Olathe, KS, location to charge EV fleet vehicles from solar and batteries versus charging from the utility. We’ve installed more than 25 clean EV chargers among our facilities, including our new manufacturing facility in Little Chute, WI, as well as our headquarters in Menasha, WI.

Smoky Hill Ranch – Off-Grid, Sustainable and Reliable Power and EV Charging with Solar plus Energy Storage

EnTech Solutions is at the forefront of developing hybrid energy systems that seamlessly integrate multiple renewable sources. Smoky Hill Ranch operates completely off-grid, powered primarily by solar, along with generators, batteries and soon to be added wind turbines.

These various projects leverage the complementary nature of solar, wind and other clean energy technologies, illustrating that robust, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective energy is very attainable and provide a blueprint for a diversified and resilient energy future.

For information about how EnTech Solutions can support your organization’s clean, resilient energy goals, please contact us today.