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Paul Walker

Strategic Segment Leader

As a strategic segment leader for Faith Technologies Incorporated (FTI), the parent brand of EnTech Solutions, Paul looks to help companies establish and execute end-to-end solutions, from identifying energy goals to executing on them. He has a thorough understanding of the organization’s value proposition and works closely with customers to deliver solutions that range from single locations to national accounts.

Prior to joining the organization in 2021, Paul held leadership positions focused on business development for custom engineered solutions and manufacturing excellence. He has decades of experience onboarding new technologies in multiple industries and markets. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

Outside of work, Paul enjoys traveling with his wife, motorcycling, hiking and woodworking.

Articles by Paul

Integrating Renewable Energy in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

08.23.2023 | Distributed Energy Resources/Microgrids

Integrating Renewable Energy in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

As the demand for sustainable food production continues to rise, controlled environment agriculture presents a promising solution. Integrating renewable energy into indoor growing offers a multitude of benefits, both economically and environmentally.

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The Growth of Vertical Growing

06.07.2023 | Distributed Energy Resources/Microgrids

The Growth of Vertical Growing

With climate volatility affecting crop yields and population growth encroaching on farmland, indoor growing can support increased food security.

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