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Benefits of Hosting a Clean EV Charging Station

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As demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, the need for an adequate EV charging infrastructure also intensifies. In my previous blog article, I shared some information about the growing use of EVs. The time is right to incorporate clean energy EV charging at your business, to support the growing infrastructure needs for this increasingly popular segment of transportation.

What is Driving Demand for EVs?

Industry experts are predicting exponential growth in electric vehicle sales, driven by carbon emission reduction mandates and several social and economic factors:

  • Longer range performance. Larger batteries installed in EV sport utilities and crossovers are improving range, enabling electric vehicles to travel similar distances to gas-powered vehicles between charges.
  • Faster charging technologies. There are three levels of charging:
    • Level 1 is a regular household outlet. This system can take up to four days to complete a full charge.
    • Level 2 is similar to an outlet for a large household appliance, such as an oven or clothes dryer. This reduces charging time to 6-8 hours.
    • Level 3 is a Direct Current (DC) rapid charger, which can recharge an EV battery within an hour in some cases. DC chargers are the type of EV charging stations you would find along the highway.
  • A wider selection of EV makes and models provides more variety for buyers. Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen have all recently launched new EV platforms.
  • Financial incentives for purchasing an EV are available.
  • The rapidly expanding infrastructure of charging stations is creating more convenient charging options.

As the number of EVs on the road continues to grow, businesses can benefit from installing clean EV charging systems onsite for customers, which can motivate customers to seek out their business. In addition, renewable resources, like solar, will help reduce both energy costs and demand charges.

What is Influencing Infrastructure Development?

Public policy has already started to limit carbon emissions in some areas of the country. With additional mandates likely, the race to support electric vehicle ownership through charging infrastructure has begun.

Considerations regarding infrastructure development include:

  • Range anxiety regarding how far apart and how accessible charging stations will be along various routes.
  • Length of time to charge on longer trips. What can people do while they wait?
  • New battery chemistries and larger battery sizes are resulting in longer charges.
  • Clean EV charging creates zero carbon emissions compared to charging at a station tied to the utility grid.
  • Clean EV charging reduces the impact on the grid.

The bottom line is that we need more EV charging stations, and clean-energy EV charging systems are becoming the sustainable charging option of choice.

How Can You Benefit from a Clean EV Charging Station?

We can all play a part in building out this infrastructure: auto manufacturers, delivery fleet companies, business owners, the government and even individuals. Many of EnTech Solutions’ customers are recognizing the marketing differentiator that comes from joining the EV charging trend.

Since drivers need something to do while their EV is charging, businesses are using this concept to draw the EV segment to their location by offering complimentary charging at hotels, malls and retail hubs, restaurants and inside parking garages within entertainment districts. Developers are incorporating clean-energy charging systems into apartment complexes, housing communities that include street parking, commuter lots and train stations.

EnTech Solutions’ modular Xcape™ microgrid technology enables us to quickly design and install a clean EV charging station that lets you provide a differentiating service now with the ability to scale your system if desired down the road.

If you would like more information about incorporating clean energy EV charging into your business strategy, reach out to the energy experts at EnTech Solutions.