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The Future Belongs to Clean EV Charging

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xcape microgrid for ev charging

We’re seeing more and more of them on the roads, as well as seeing and hearing promotions for them – electric vehicles are here. A recent report by Bloomberg analyzed trending data in order to forecast electric vehicle (EV) usage and concluded that electric vehicles are not only here to stay, but they will likely become the predominant form of personal transportation much sooner than you might think – perhaps as soon as 2030!

Not surprisingly, this growing demand for electric vehicles comes with a correlating high demand for electricity that may be on par with – or even exceeding – the new electrical demand that came with inventions like air conditioning.

One solution to this significant burden on the public utility grid to power these vehicles will be clean EV charging using sustainable energy microgrids.

EV Charging Overview

At the moment, electric vehicles are still only a small portion of the market, but there are four compelling reasons to buy an EV right now:

1. The environmental impact of reduced carbon emissions can be substantial long-term as more and more gasoline-powered vehicles are replaced with EVs.

2. In most cases, the vehicle performance is superior. EVs are incredibly quiet, high-tech, and many boast high performance.

3. EVs cost less to operate thanks to lower maintenance due to fewer “moving parts” – as well as saving money on gas.

4. Buyers may qualify for government incentives to subsidize vehicle purchases, including a substantial tax credit.

The winds are definitely shifting toward EV popularity. So what is causing this substantial EV market growth?

  • Rising concerns around emissions.
  • Government regulation – tax incentives, grants and mandates.
  • OEM investments:
    • 26 US EV models available today.
    • New model announcements from medium- and heavy-duty truck OEMs.
  • Growing mainstream acceptance.
  • Larger charging network to reduce range anxiety for passenger vehicles.
  • Declining battery costs.

Benefits of Clean EV Charging with Microgrids

how solar energy can support ev chargingEV market growth is driving the need for substantial expansion of the number of chargers.  The question is no longer “if” this will happen, but “how” and “when.” To further their green impact, the natural evolution of EV charging will be the use of solar energy microgrids to create clean EV charging stations. Clean EV charging provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Tapping a sustainable solution that results in zero carbon emissions to “fuel” an electric vehicle, eliminating the part of the energy equation requiring fossil fuels.
  • Limiting the inevitable EV load added to the public utility grid.
  • Ensuring a safe, resilient option that is not affected by a power outage, so people won’t get stranded in a storm or other outage event.
  • Serving as a quick solution. Small substations providing clean EV charging can be ready for service in as little as one week.

Clean EV charging is already successful in many locations throughout the country. EnTech Solutions designed, built and installed a clean energy EV charging system at one of the top automotive retailers in the country to support the launch of several Ford EV models. The project was completed in less than three weeks and enables the dealership to provide nearly 1,000 EV charges annually while reducing carbon emissions for those charges by nearly 50 percent.

On the Cutting Edge of Infrastructure

Hosting a clean EV charging station at your business can serve as a differentiator by creating loyal EV owners who visit your business while charging. An electric vehicle can currently take anywhere from one hour to several hours to fully charge. Drivers will need a place to spend their time – and their money – while they wait.

Hotels, malls, restaurants, event venues and parks all make ideal locations for a clean energy EV charging system. Ask us for more information about how we can support your EV charging needs.