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The Future of EV Charging: Exploring the EV Depot Charging Experience

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With the rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs) and the increasing need for charging infrastructure, EnTech Solutions has developed EV charging depots as a cost-effective, flexible charging option for electric vehicles and fleets to support longer-range journeys. EV depots consist of one or more EV chargers with facilities incorporated, pairing convenient charging with engaging ways for customers to spend their time. EV charging depots are the future of electrical vehicle charging and customer convenience.

A building system multi-purpose depot can be paired with a canopy-covered charging bay to create a fast-charging convenience center. Both the depot and canopy rooftop offer options for incorporating solar panels into the design. In addition to improving the carbon score of the charging facility, solar energy and battery storage make it possible to create independence from the utility grid.

Reinventing the Charging Experience: EV Charging Depot Amenities

Customizable EV charging depot amenities can include:

  • Restrooms with showers and changing areas.
  • Coffee shop with snacks.
  • Self-serve laundry facilities.
  • Packaged food or vending machines.
  • Quick Service Restaurant (QSR).
  • Custom monetary transaction systems for highway tolls.
  • Vehicle service bay.
  • ATM.
  • Business center with desks, outlets, wi-fi and more.
  • Indoor or outdoor play area.
  • Picnic tables or eating area.
  • Additional custom options based on client needs.

The EV Depot Approach

EnTech Solutions’ EV charging depots are a combination of offsite constructed components that have a set of standard specifications, with additional options to customize. The components can function individually or can be connected in any combination or quantity. With multiple depot designs and charging layouts, the space can be designed to meet the end user’s specific needs.

Components may include:

  • EV Charging
  • Battery Storage
    • 10’ and 20’ ISO containers.
  • Solar
    • Location options include carport, canopy, ground mount and roof mount.
  • Building Structure
    • Modules are typically 12’ x 40’ for efficient shipping.
    • Can come in a variety of standard configurations or customizable configurations.
    • Example of a standard configuration: service bay, office space, bathroom pods.
  • Electrical Skid (E-skid)
    • Built to allow future expansions.
    • Precast concrete slab base with surface-mounted wire ways for easy modifications or future charger upgrades.
    • Chargers are capable of Combined Charging System-Combo 1 (CCS1) or North America Charging Standard (NACS) charging connectors.
    • Open-access payment options on chargers.
    • Includes a 5-year service level agreement (SLA) for data collection as well as operation and maintenance (O&M) services.
    • Optional digital display for advertisement.

Private Charging Depots

The U.S. market is building capacity of “top-off” charging opportunities with lower-level charging stations at common-use locations like hotels, parking ramps, retail stores and event venues. This approach, however, does not address the significant need for DC fast charging or vehicle fleet options. Charging depots can be built for use by businesses looking to provide infrastructure to support their EV fleets.

Private EV depots offer organizations time- and energy-saving charging solutions. Businesses can rapidly deploy remote sales offices within territories that include charging bays with canopies and depots offering office amenities. Automotive dealerships can create sales depots for their electric vehicle divisions.

Deploying EV Charging Depots Powered By Clean Energy

One of the unique aspects of EnTech Solutions’ complete service model is that we can handle every aspect of the project for a cohesive, straightforward service delivery method. Clients have one vendor handling the full process that can anticipate variables and ensure collaborative communication and problem solving.

The experts at EnTech Solutions will:

  • Assess client needs and use-case scenarios to recommend the most effective solution.
  • Design and engineer a practical option that works for your site and business needs.
  • Consider distributed energy resources (DERs) and tap into clean, renewable assets that can move your sustainability goals forward and incorporate valuable resilience and reliability into your system.
  • Provide a controlled construction environment at our indoor manufacturing facility that lowers costs and removes environmental variables from the process.
  • Coordinate all the necessary experts to complete construction and installation.
  • Offer training and maintenance services for long-term success.

Flexible to Fit Your Needs

The streamlined EV depot process at EnTech Solutions provides substantial flexibility. Based on your energy needs and goals, we work with you to create a solution that answers your EV charging requirements today and into the future. We will listen, consider all the variables and challenges specific to your project, and provide an innovative EV charging solution customized for your unique needs, on time and on budget.

Contact us today for more information about DC fast charging stations paired with a multi-use building system depot.

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