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Neenah, WI

Bergstrom Automotive Microgrid EV Charging Project

Distributed Energy Resources/Microgrids   |   EV Charging

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solar powered ev charging solution using xcape microgrid at bergstrom

Overview: A Major Retailer Prepares for EV Launch

Bergstrom Automotive, headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin, is one of the top 50 automotive retailers in the United States. Their dealership in Neenah prepared for the launch of Ford electric vehicle (EV) models, particularly the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the all-electric F-150.

Challenge: Finding a Clean Charging Solution While Managing Energy Costs

Charging electric vehicles without a clean energy EV infrastructure solution would send energy prices soaring. EnTech Solutions was asked to implement a clean energy solution to alleviate Bergstrom’s EV charging infrastructure challenges while reducing the impact of demand charges.

Solution: Easy Install and Always On: A Clean EV Charging System for Bergstrom

To eliminate the need for new utility infrastructure, EnTech Solutions presented Bergstrom with a clean energy EV charging solution. Utilizing two Xcape microgrid cabinets, EV chargers were installed in the front lot and in their service bay. Both units are powered by one solar field, with support from an on-site natural gas generator.

The microgrid units are off grid, which made the installation quick and easy. This system is always on and available, free from any interruptions that could be caused by utility outages. The clean energy EV charging system also aligns with Bergstrom’s corporate sustainability goals.

For more information on this EV charging project and to learn how EnTech Solutions and our sister company, Faith Technologies, were able to reduce costs and emissions for the dealership through clean energy charging, listen to Bergstrom Automotive CEO John F. Bergstrom on the Automotive News Podcast.

Electrification Achievements

  • 49% carbon reduction vs. charging off the utility grid
  • Project completed start to finish in less than three weeks
  • Solar is the primary power source
  • By generating 47 MWh of annual solar energy, the dealership can provide nearly 1,000 EV charges

Microgrid Specs

Item Details
Type Xcape unit and ground-mount solar 
Technical Summary  
Customer Load Mach-E, 68 or 88 kWh battery 
Design Output kW 36 kW 
Design Storage kWh 160 kWh 
Design Solar PV Input 39.4 kW 
Supplemental Power Generation  
Grid Connection Off Grid 
Generator Application Natural Gas Generator, supplemental 


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