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Visibility, Command and Control of Distributed Energy

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Distributed energy systems are playing an ever more critical role in creating the future of energy. Their advantages include:

  • Providing energy resilience and backup power
  • Achieving sustainability and carbon emission reduction objectives
  • Sourcing electricity at prices on par with or less expensive than conventional means
  • Exporting electrons to provide for grid services to firm the utility grid

Given the reliance on distributed energy systems to provide for such important operations, it is critical that monitoring is in place to provide visibility, command and control of systems to ensure that the platforms are reliably delivering on the expected outcomes.

The EnTech Energy Center™ (EEC) is a digital platform that provides visibility and control of an organization’s distributed energy assets. It can be set up to work independent of (off-grid) or in conjunction with the utility. EEC’s monitoring capabilities, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, ensure the ability to source in real-time the highest value, least expensive and most reliable electricity from all available energy resources.

The EEC is built within a technology stack that also provides proactive visibility to system- and component-level performance so that potential problems are recognized and addressed. The technology is designed and operated with world-class cyber security subject to rigorous penetration testing and protocols.

There are numerous benefits to incorporating EEC software into your distributed energy system:

  • Holistic: Manage all your energy generation in one place
  • Accessible: Monitor and manage your systems from anywhere
  • Robust: Oversee your energy (kWh), power (kW), voltage (V), current (I) and battery state-of-charge performance
  • Insightful: Visibility to cost savings and carbon-reduction emissions
  • Expertise: Experienced team members to assist with your digital needs
  • Support: On-site quality technician support

Distributed energy operates in dynamic environments; utility prices, rate structures, policies and load scenarios will rarely if ever remain static for the near-term, much less over the next 20+ years, which is often the life expectancy of distributed energy assets. EEC recognizes changes that may result in opportunities to reoptimize your system, and our team will work to ensure that you are aware of those opportunities to ensure optimal system performance. Please reach out if you’d like more information on distributed energy for your organization.