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Middleton, WI

Middleton Digester Converting Farm Waste to Energy

Sustainable Fuels

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EnTech Solutions formed a joint venture with Northern Biogas LLC, committed to providing a sustainable energy future utilizing local agriculture. EnTech Solutions added to its clean energy solutions portfolio with the acquisition of this active biogas facility in the Town of Springfield, Dane County, Wisconsin. Utilizing anaerobic digestion, the facility turns organic waste from local dairy farms into renewable natural gas. The facility benefits the regional ecosystem by utilizing advanced filtration technology by Aqua Innovations to remove phosphorus from the watershed.EnTech Solutions Middleton Digester

Converting Farm Waste into Renewable Natural Gas

EnTech Solutions partnered with local dairy farms in Dane County, where manure from more than 4,000 cows is collectively processed in three air-tight digester tanks. The tank temperatures are maintained at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, creating an environment where microbes thrive and consume the volatile solids in the manure while producing methane gas (biogas). Instead of releasing that methane into the atmosphere, the biogas is captured at the top of the digester processed into renewable natural gas (RNG) to offset dependence on fossil-fuel based natural gas. The RNG is injected into the pipeline in Madison and used in the transportation sector on the West Coast to provide clean-burning vehicle fuel. RNG from dairy manure can reduce GHG emissions up to 400% when it is used to replace traditional vehicle fuels.

Using a Clean Energy Microgrid to Power the Project

To add to the facility’s sustainability, EnTech Solutions integrated distributed energy technology to produce clean energy power for the site. EnTech’s DCentrIQ™ microgrid platform, which includes batteries and inverters, is paired with solar panels, adding more than 2.8 MW of clean energy – the equivalent of powering more than 400 homes. The distributed energy system is monitored remotely through the EnTech Energy Center™, which provides instantaneous performance information with built-in intelligence, prioritizing all assets in real time to ensure the facility is receiving the highest value, least expensive and most reliable electricity from all available energy sources. By producing renewable energy at the facility, via microgrid technology, the RNG’s carbon intensity (CI) score improves.

Overall, the facility reduces emissions by more than 13,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. This reduction is comparable to removing emissions of nearly 34 million miles driven by passenger vehicles.

Read the original press release announcing this Waste-to-Energy Biogas Initiative.

Our process optimizes nutrient management while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve leveraged Northern Biogas’ experience in wastewater treatment and agriculture by working with farmers to improve nutrient separation and utilization from manure and other organic waste while producing a renewable energy product.

-Scott Romenesko

President, EnTech Solutions


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