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Gove, KS

Smoky Hill Ranch: Lodge

Distributed Energy Resources/Microgrids

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Smoky Hill Ranch is a beautiful rustic getaway far off the beaten path outside of Gove, Kansas. Visitors to the ranch enjoy trophy hunting expeditions as well as hiking and relaxation opportunities.


As an appreciator of nature and of conserving natural resources, Smoky Hill Ranch desired to shift its power source to a clean energy option. Due to its rural location and issues with reliability from the utility grid, they requested the ability to convert to islanded power to ensure resilience in the event of loss of grid power.


EnTech Solutions designed and installed Xcape microgrids to support the power needs of the Smoky Hill Ranch Lodge, with the ability to also harvest solar power to offset the utility. The microgrids were the perfect addition to ensure continued guest comfort and resilient, renewable power today and for years to come.

EnTech also provided a microgrid energy solution for the Smoky Hill Ranch Farmhouse.

Xcape Microgrid Specs

Item Details
Xcape Type Container 
Technical summary  
Customer Load See graphs 
Design Output kW 40.8 kW AC (6 inverters, single phase) 
Design Storage kWh 119 kWh 
Design Solar PV Input 6 MPPTs (28.8 kW); 32.7 kW DC (install) 
Supplemental Power Generation  
Grid Connection ATS 
Generator Application Grid backup only 


Offset in Utility Energy Needs: 30%
CO2 Avoided: 7,468 kg to date
Trees Planted Equivalent: 25 to date


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