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Central Wisconsin

Lakeside Vision Center: Showcasing Energy Independence

Distributed Energy Resources/Microgrids   |   EV Charging

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Overview: An Off-Grid Energy Solution is Needed 

Faith Technologies Incorporated (FTI), the parent brand to EnTech Solutions, set out to create an off-the-grid experience for its customers and partners and to showcase the organization’s energy capabilities. The Lakeside Vision Center is a 19,000-square-foot multi-purpose facility that is powered by EnTech Solutions’ clean energy technologies, including a solar power installation, enabling FTI to bring its energy independence vision to life. 

Challenge: Achieving Energy Resilience  

The Vision Center is located on the east shore of Lake Winnebago in central Wisconsin. The picturesque rural location is at the end of the utility grid and as such, the area experiences frequent power interruptions due to weather or other occurrences. EnTech Solutions was challenged to provide clean, uninterruptible power to the site, and to be able to demonstrate the value of energy resilience. 

Solution: Exemplary Clean Energy Microgrids 

The Lakeside Vision Center is powered by clean energy Xcape™ and DCentrIQ™ microgrids which consist of ground-mount and rooftop solar, battery storage, a natural gas generator and DCentrIQ power controls. All power is managed by EnTech Energy Center proprietary software. It is an educational facility where FTI can demonstrate energy resilience, building confidence in its energy products and solutions with quantifiable metrics. Within the facility itself, and remotely via the EnTech Energy Center, customers and visitors can view live energy data feeds and analytics of the systems powering the facility and learn how these systems can be applied to their own energy challenges. 

Outcome: A Bright Outlook With Off-Grid Independence 

The Vision Center is the first piece of a comprehensive off-grid development being created by FTI at the Lakeside site. Future development plans include an off-grid residential community, with each site featuring solar PV and battery storage for independence from the utility grid. 

Off-grid communities are being successfully built around the country, and Lakeside will be the first development of its kind in the Midwest. The changing seasons in the upper Midwest and sometimes less-than-temperate weather would lead some to believe that stable, off-grid solar energy is not an option for the region. The Lakeside development will prove that EnTech Solutions’ energy technologies can be effectively applied anywhere, making the location a destination and proof point for people to visit and learn. 

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Energy Specifics

Main Microgrid
DCentrIQ Microgrid
312kW DC single axis tracking ground mounted solar
37kW DC rooftop solar
580kW/kWh LFP battery storage
250kW prime rated natural gas generator
500kVA, 480V 3p inverters to supply power from the microgrid
33.3kVA grid-tied inverter for rooftop solar
Level 2 and DCFC EV chargers
Second Microgrid
Two X3-XS Xcape units, each unit with:
● 20.4kW 240V/120V 1p output
● 19.7kWDC ground mounted solar
● 40kW/88kWh of LFP battery storage
One 35kW prime rated NG generator shared by both Xcape units
EV Charging Depot
Five L2 chargers (including one bi-directional) and one 120kW DCFC
Suppported by a DCentrIQ microgrid
284kWh of battery storage
Future expansion for an additional 200kW of solar


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