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Northeast Wisconsin

Residential Microgrid

Distributed Energy Resources/Microgrids

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EnTech Solutions worked with a residential customer located on Lake Winnebago in Northeast Wisconsin who was looking to take control of his family’s energy future.


The homeowner is near the end of an electrical utility grid and experienced numerous power outages through the years. As proponents of clean energy, they also sought to improve their family’s environmental impact. The homeowner wanted a sustainable energy solution that was right sized for their energy needs, which included powering an electric vehicle and a sauna. They also sought something that would not take away from the aesthetics of their picturesque lakeside property.


In consultation with the EnTech Solutions team, they determined the Xcape™ 2.0 microgrid was the ideal solution for this residential project, to include solar and battery storage, with the option of adding a natural gas generator at a later date. This was completed within the typical installation time of approximately 2 weeks and eliminated the residence’s reliability on the utility grid; this customer has been successfully off the grid since April 2021.  EnTech Solutions’ Internet of Energy (IoE) software is used to remotely monitor energy production, storage and usage on a timely basis. The end result was improved resiliency, a more sustainable energy source for the family home and 100% renewable electricity supplying all the power to their electric vehicle.

Microgrid Specs

Item Details
Type Xcape 2.0, X3-XS Model 
Technical Summary  
Customer Load 15 kW (peak) 
Design Output kW 18 kW (AC) 
Design Storage kWh 88 kWh 
Design Solar PV Input 16.4 kW (DC) 
Supplemental Power Generation  
Grid Connection ATS for grid back-up 
Generator Application Backup generator 


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